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CONTACTING A FACULTY/STAFF MEMBER: All Faculty and Staff can be reached via email using the following naming convention – first letter of first name last name @ [i.e.,


ARRIVAL/DELAYED OPENINGS/EARLY CLOSINGS/ABSENCES: On a regular school day, students should arrive between 8:30 am and 8:35 am [supervision begins at 8:20 am. If it is raining the students will be allowed into the school and will wait at their assigned areas inside the school until 8:40 am].


On half days or early dismissal days, school begins at 8:30 am and the students are dismissed at 12:30 pm. There will be no lunch.


On delayed opening days school begins at 10:00 am and continues as a regular school day.


If your child will be absent, please call the Washington School Absentee Line [789-4600 x-4614, available 24 hours]. If the school does not hear from you, we will call you.


If the need arose to send the children home early due to an unforeseen happenstance, no student would be permitted to leave unless we were certain a parent or a designee from the emergency form was available. If we needed to vacate Washington School [i.e., no water, no electricity, a gas leak] we would inform you of where to pick up your child.


EMERGENCY SCHOOL CLOSING INFORMATION: Regularly scheduled school days may be cancelled due to snow or other serious conditions involving danger to staff and students on the way to and from school.  Administration uses clear judgment in determining closings and delayed openings, always with your child’s safety as a priority.

School closing information will be announced on:

·                Messaging Alert System

·                Westfield School District website

·                Facebook

·                Twitter

·                WCTC 1450 AM

  • Cable TV Channel 36
  • WCBS TV Channel 2
  • WNBC TV Channel 4


If no emergency closing announcement has been made, and if a parent feels weather conditions are too adverse, that parent may exercise his/her own judgment in sending his/her child to school.  An absence of this nature will be deemed excused if accompanied by a parent note, but considered chargeable to the student’s attendance record.


DROP OFF/PICK UP LINE: We are fortunate to have a drive up drop-off / pick-up line at Washington. Please ONLY use the line if your child can get in and out of your car without your assistance. Also, regarding pick up, please remember that you may pull into the line only if your child is waiting for you. It is not a standing zone – you cannot wait in the line until your child is ready. You will find it much easier [i.e., you won’t be asked to circle around the block and get back in line] if you do not approach the line until 3:10, giving your child enough time to get to the designated area.


LUNCH: The lunch hour for all students is 11:30 am – 12:30 pm [30 minutes to eat; 30 minutes to play]. Grades 1, 2 and 3 eat from 11:30 am – 12:00 pm (and have recess after). Grades 4 and 5 eat from 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm (and will have recess before). Students who go home for lunch must go for the entire lunch hour. We cannot account for and supervise students when they return before 12:30 pm.  You will find information regarding ordering milk and lunch on our web page – Family Resources/Food Services.


SECURITY: All entrance doors are locked during the school day [everyone can get out – school doors are not lockable to prevent exiting]. Please help us keep a safe and secure learning environment. Ring the security camera bell at the main entrance. Do not let anyone in behind you and do not be courteous by opening the door to let someone into the building. This must be our new normal. Stop at the office when you enter. If you are volunteering [i.e., in the library] we will give you a visitor’s pass. Any adult in our school without an ID will be challenged.


The following are designed to decrease the number of times that the front door has to be opened (so that people do not trail in; so that there are fewer people that we have to vet who want to come in).

1. During school hours you will notice a transparent drop off box outside the front entrance. If you are bringing something that your child needs (such as a forgotten lunch, homework, a sweater, a water bottle, an instrument, glasses – you name it) we will ask you to leave it in the box. Make sure your child’s name is on it. We will empty the box after you are gone. It is always under video surveillance so there is no danger of theft. It is also out of the way of rain.

2. Pupils cannot use the front door in the morning to cut through to the courtyard to line up (when the weather is not terrible). This decreases the number of times that the front door is opened. The fewer times the door is opened the less chance of someone slipping in along with a legitimate visitor.


ANIMALS ON SCHOOL PROPERTY: This is a reminder about the Board of Education's policy prohibiting animals on school property. We want all of our families to be safe at Washington School, including children who are allergic to animals or afraid of animals. This includes dogs on a leash. Thank you for your attention to this.


ALLERGY-AWARENESS/SAFETY: Activities such as birthdays and mystery readers will be celebrated with non-food items. For special events such as class parties (i.e., Halloween and Valentine’s Day) we will celebrate these according to the needs of the individual classes or grades.


CELL PHONES: Students are allowed to bring cell phones to school if they need to call you at dismissal. They need to remain turned off and in their backpacks until dismissal (or they will be confiscated).


LOST AND FOUND: Kids lose things. If you want to find what they have lost please put their names on everything! We return whatever we find that has a name and donate whatever we find without a name. We do not keep a lost and found box. We discovered that a lost and found box was a perfect place for lice to spread.


LICE: Please review Nurse O’Connor’s webpage regarding lice by clicking here.


BIRTHDAYS: Everyone loves to hear his or her birthday announced via the loud speaker in the morning. We announce July birthdays in January and August birthdays in February [i.e., if your birthday is July 4 we will announce it on January 4; August 29 and 30 are announce on February 28].


ATTIRE IN COLD WEATHER: Please help your youngster dress appropriately for the weather [i.e., hats and gloves, layers]. Whenever possible the children go outside for recess, even if it is for an abbreviated period of time. Because it is difficult to supervise 310 students indoors from 8:20 am – 8:40 am, the students line up outdoors whenever possible. I have found it productive not to use a hard and fast rule to determine when we stay in and when we go out. I take into account the variables of temperature, wind, sun and the conditions of the fields [not to mention how many days in a row we might already have been inside] in order to make a decision.


Generally if the wind chill is not excessive I will send everyone out for recess. When everyone goes out I do not check for a minimum of clothing [I leave that to you]. If you want to be sure that your child doesn’t go out on any given day just email me by 11:00 am and they will stay inside.


When the wind chill is very cold I give the kids a choice about going outside. They need to have a hat or hood, gloves or mittens, and at least two layers. Two layers can include a sweatshirt and a vest, a winter jacket and a long sleeve shirt, but not just a sweatshirt. I don’t use shorts as a criterion [in other words, if they have the above mentioned and shorts I will let them go out]. If kids go out and get cold they can come back inside. If you think your child will want to go out and you don’t want them to go out [but you think they will go outside anyway] just email me before 11:00 am and we’ll make sure that they stay inside.







Goldstein, Emily

Martin, Elizabeth


Culver, Christine

Honeywell, Patricia

Olenick, Christine


Bukowsky, Lisa

Geddis, Karen

Borja, Elisa


Lewis, Palma

Reilly, Elizabeth

Roughley, Jeanne


Borja, John

Cognetti, Matthew

Sangimino, Joanne




Bukowsky, Mike

Gonzalez-Vasques, Gonzalo

Colabaugh, Karen

Minogue, Marisa

Naylor, Robin

Pitarresi, Christine

Roig, Michelle

D'Amico, Diana

























Spanish Gr. 3





Spanish Grs. 4 & 5




Perry, Andrew  

Cirigliano, Josephine 

Cocuzza, Sharon 


La Rosa, Jaime  

O’Connor, Christina 


Saravia, Mario  

Harrison, Rahdee

Martinez, Wilmer




Brophy, Deb

Ponzio, Kerri

Bussinelli, Samantha

Schiff, Robyn

Stevenson, Nicole


Lauer, Christine

Pantow, Corrie

Roff, Elaine

Shanley, Carol



Sluberski, Carolyn

Schwarzberg, Genny

Jackson, Lara

Robinson, Jodi









Head Custodian

Custodian (day)

Custodian (night)

















Child Study Team

Child Study Team

Child Study Team




All Faculty and Staff can be reached via email using the following naming convention – first letter of first name last name @ [i.e.,

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